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To be able to play the game of golf you need to maintain your mobility and flexibility. The main areas you need to focus on are your back, spine, neck, hips, and wrists. All of these parts of your body are needed to be in good condition to have a consistent and strong golf game. As we get older we begin to lose the flexibility and movement that we had grown accustomed to and thus our performance on the course can begin to suffer, and players can begin to notice soreness and even sustain injuries from playing.

What We Offer With Our Golf Performance Programs

Physical Fitness Assessment
Swing Evaluation
Personalized Training Programs
Physical Fitness Assessment
  • A golf-specific functional movement screen is performed to identify any faulty stability patterns and/or altered mobility patterns of your body.
  • Assesses your golf fitness handicap.
  • Shows movement patterns and physical limitations which ultimately create swing faults.
Swing Evaluation
  • A video swing analysis is not a part of the Titleist Performance Evaluation offered at IHSP.  However, if you are working with a PGA Pro and have a video of your swing we can incorporate that information into the program.
Personalized Training Programs
  •  A detailed workout plan is developed by matching your swing technique with your physical attributes.
  • Builds a more repeatable and efficient golf swing.
  • All training programs are designed and supervised by Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructors.



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