We accept most major insurance carriers
Fees will vary dependent on your individual insurance plan coverage. Insurance providers set their own fee schedules that we follow for all in-nework providers.


Integrative Health + Sports Performance also offers affordable self-pay fees for services 

Initial Exam* and Treatment $115-200
Virtual Office Visit/Consultation $30 per 15 minutes
Office Visit/Follow-up Treatment $50-75
Kinesiology/Sports Taping $10-20
Dry Needling (as a stand alone treatment) - per region $40
Body Composition Testing - Whole Body DEXA Scan $150
Class IV K-Laser Therapy (as a stand alone treatment) $50
- 3, 6, 12 Sessions $105, $210, $420
 Muscle Activation (MAT) Session - 1 hour  $90
Sports Performance Training  
- Private (1-on-1) $75
- Semi-Private (2-3 people small group) $45
NormaTec Recovery Treatments FREE with chiropractic visit
- Single Sessions (30/60 minutes) $10/20
- 10 Session Packages $80/150


*Time-of-service Self-Pay discount price of initial exam is for the evaluation of one problem area. If there are multiple sites of injury or a further evaluation is warranted there may be additional costs. This will be discussed before services are provided.

Updated: 5/1/2022.