Are you going to have a baby? If so, you're probably really excited -- and possibly really uncomfortable. Pregnancy requires the body to undergo alignment and postural changes that can affect your muscles, joints, and nervous system.

We offer a safe, drug-free way to manage these symptoms all along your journey through pregnancy.

The Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

We're all familiar with the images of pregnant women clutching their lower backs, feeling queasy, and struggling with various aches and pains. This fact of life is caused by the profound alterations the body must undergo to host a developing fetus and prepare itself for birth. One of the most obvious changes, the enlargement of the abdomen, forces you to shift your posture backward as it adds weight to your frame. This combination typically stresses the joints and major muscle groups, causing neck pain, headaches, and back pain. Changes which pinch nerves can cause aches and pains referred throughout the body. The impairment of nerve function may also aggravate issues such as morning sickness and edema.

The stakes are even higher during your final trimester of pregnancy. This is when the pelvic ligaments begin to loosen in preparation for birth. This can de-stabilize your lower body and throw it out of alignment -- which might make it impossible for your baby to turn upside-down in the womb for a safe, normal delivery.

Gentle, Safe Relief

Our team at Integrative Health + Sports Performance can help you enjoy a happier, healthier pregnancy through our prenatal chiropractic techniques. Rest assured that our methods, which make use of special treatment tables that accommodate the pregnant body, are both comfortable and totally safe for you and your child.

We can improve joint position, spinal alignment, and nerve function to help ease low back pain, neck pain, headache pain, and other common prenatal discomforts. (These adjustments will be especially welcome to you if you're worried about taking painkillers or other drugs while pregnant.) We can also keep a close eye on your pelvic alignment, making any necessary adjustments during the third trimester. In the meantime, our massage therapy treatments can soothe your tight, strained muscles and enhance the effectiveness of your adjustments.

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