Have you been searching for a family practice that stands out? Have you been wanting a medical professional that looks at you as a whole and offers holistic care for your family?

Integrative Health + Sports Performance is the answer you have been searching for if you are ready for a whole new health care experience. Integrative medicine is the practice of improving the patient's' overall health

 What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a form of medical treatment that focuses on the relationship between both the physician and the patient and the patient with themselves for a whole-body full-picture approach to health. The term holistic may be used because holistic refers to the whole body and a patient receiving holistic care receives medical attention for the source of their symptoms, not just a prescription that is hastily written on a pad to mask those symptoms.

When you have the cooperation of a medical professional when it comes to achieving health goals and healing from injuries, you will find that you actually improve over time instead of remaining on a cycle of increasingly troubling symptoms that often stem from an original source.


Our Family Practice Offers Integrative Medicine to Patients Who Are Ready to Improve Their Health with a Team of Professionals

We offer comprehensive chiropractic care to the whole family. Whether you are looking to reduce chronic pain, recover from an injury, improve posture and balance, or reduce symptoms associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions we are here for you and your spine. 

We also help achieve specific health goals with physiotherapy, exercise, and physical rehabilitation for patients who are recovering from an injury and/or want to improve their health through movement. We offer nutritional counseling and recommendations because many health issues start with nutrition. 

Our goal is to help you reduce your pain, heal from any injuries or conditions, and improve your overall health with knowledge about your body and what it needs to thrive.

Take back control of your health and your life

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