Sitting on a long flight and carrying around heavy luggage can be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant for someone who suffers from back pain - but it should not restrict you from being able to travel. Here are some tips to help you arrive at your destination more with comfort and ease.

- Book your flight early enough so that you have a good seat selection. Always try to get an aisle seat if possible. If you’re able to carry out emergency operations, you should try to request an emergency exit row as these seats typically have more legroom.

- Try to book direct flights that will take you to your destination in as little time as possible. Alternatively, if sitting for prolonged periods causes you too much pain, you could book connecting flights so you’ll have a chance to stretch yourself out and walk around the airport a bit.

- Pack light and pack smart. Instead of using one large, heavy bag, opt for multiple lightweight bags that will be easier to lift. Choose luggage with wheels and use a cart at the airport to transport your belongings. 

- Pack a small pillow that you can place behind you on your back or neck to help you sit comfortably. If your feet don’t touch the floor, a foldable footrest can help save your knees and allow you to have a more comfortable flight.

- Move and stretch during your flight. This is easier to do when you’re sitting in an aisle seat. Be sure to contact your calf muscles in order to lessen the potential of blood clots on exceptionally long flights. 

- Dress comfortably. Wear light, breathable fabric during your flights. Avoid any clothing that will feel restrictive and do not keep your wallet in your back pocket. Sitting on your wallet can lead to an imbalanced posture and pain. Make sure to wear comfortable, supportive shoes.

- Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated should always be a priority. Follow these tips in order to make your next flight as comfortable and pain-free as possible. If you’re concerned about your back pain, call us for a pre-or post-vacation check-up.

Nick Curry, DC, CCSP, MS, ATC

Nick Curry, DC, CCSP, MS, ATC

Clinic Director

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