Air Force Marathon

New Services in the IHSP Post-Race Recovery Tent!

This year at the Post-Race Recovery Tent we will be offering recovery services for FREE!  All participants will have access to the latest technology in athletic recovery.  The Post-Race Recovery Tent will be open from 9:00am - 2:00pm

Stop by our booth (#194) at the Expo to try out the different options!

NormaTec Recovery Systems 

The NormaTec Recovery boots help provide similar benefits as massage by helping reduce muscle spasms and cramping while increasing circulation to reduce recovery times.   The boots utilize a series of compression chambers to help move out waste and swelling from your legs.

Marc Pro Recovery Systems

The Marc Pro is set-up similar to an electrical muscle stimulation unit, however, the primary goal of the treatment is to cause a muscle contraction.  This muscle contraction causes the pumping of the lymphatic system to help remove waste and swelling from the surrounding muscles.  MarcPro Website

Expo Treatments

Need to work out some tight muscles before your race?  Stop by the IHSP Active Recovery Booth at the USAF Marathon Sports & Fitness Expo and utilize the NormaTec Recovery Boots, MarcPro, or get taped up for race day! 


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